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Team WLSA for Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Team WLSA for Gold Coast Airport Marathon

This week I would like to acknowledge the dedication of a group of patients all at varying stages of their journeys for putting themselves out to try something new! Before surgery I think the word exercise is almost blasphemous! What is it? and I’ll never be able to do it or get back to doing something I once loved! These are typical thoughts that some people have before surgery; or they may start to see a world of opportunities to get active and do the things that they have been missing.

Incidental exercise we know gets all of a sudden easier after surgery; like climbing a flight of stairs without feeling out-of-breath. Choosing to be an active participator in the vast array of physical activities on offer can seem daunting. Not having to just be “Mum’s taxi” and having the fitness to get involved is a great reward after surgery.

I have witnessed patients do some extraordinary things after sleeve gastrectomy and all other bariatric procedures including walking the Great Wall of China, competing the full Noosa triathlon, compete in full iron man triathlon events; walk and run at the GC Marathon; jump out of planes; stand up paddle board and tough mudder just to name a few! So it is true to say the sky is the limit after surgery!

WLSA are sponsoring a patient training program where patients, families and friends can get together and learn to walk faster; jog a little or jog a lot! Under the guidance of our trainer Therese Fossheim we are learning how to stay injury free and get better at walking and running every week.

We have a mall group who have risen to the challenge supported by some wonderful staff who have their own running goals.

Massive shout out to those who have chosen to get fitter with us! We are already so proud of you and can’t wait to get to the start line with you for GCAM2017!

Congratulations to you all. Surgery is just the beginning and let’s hope this is the beginning of a growing annual event.