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At Lifesum, tracking your healthy habits (and the not so healthy ones) becomes a breeze. This app will help you pick the right food, and eat the right portion sizes, to reach your personal health goals.

Weight Loss Warrior

Wonderful WeightLoss: Jodie Blair Reid

Having Gastric Sleeve has changed my life! Before WLSA, food was my saviour. Whatever emotion I felt, food was always there & made me feel ‘comfortable’ within myself. Little did I know that it was taking over my life & emotions.


Pillow: Smart Sleep Tracking

Discover your sleep profile! Here is a great app to track your sleep with unique health kit integration and heart rate analysis. If you’re looking to improve your sleep, track it!

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Stop The Smoke Before You Croak

Tobacco smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death and disease in Australia, followed by obesity. Smoking leads to a wide range of diseases including many types of cancer, heart disease and stroke, chest and lung illnesses and stomach ulcers.

Weight Loss Warrior

Wonderful WeightLoss: David Janus

All my life I have always struggled with my weight. As a musician and being in the public eye I have always been worried about how I look and after the depression, anxiety and many failed diets and exercise programs I decided to have Gastric sleeve...



If you’re active, Strava was made for you. It is mobile app and website enhance the experience of sport and connect millions of athletes from around the world. Starva is the social network for those who strive. Strava works with your mobile phone or favorite GPS...

Weight Loss Warrior

Wonderful WeightLoss: Tabatha Young

My pre-surgery weight was 112.7kgs, the heaviest I had ever been in my life. This weight gain was the result of contracting Parvo Viras and Fibromyalgia. I was not able to do much for myself due to severe pain, so the thought of exercising was non-exist.


Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen is filled with tasty and inspiring vegetarian food with ingredients straight from nature and a bare minimum of gluten, sugar and dairy products. Enjoy and be delighted by creative recipes with drop dead gorgeous photos and detailed, easy to follow, instructions.

Weight Loss Warrior

Wonderful WeightLoss: Danielle Rack

My journey got started after seeing the results of two extremely important friends who had had gastric surgery. I had put it off long enough and decided to take the first step with a simple Facebook message on a Sunday afternoon to Weight Loss Solutions Australia.



“To find yoga classes anywhere and avoid an endless Google search, just pop in a zip code and within a few mile radius you’ll be able to research studio options and workshops from your phone and schedule them into your itinerary.” – Yahoo!