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Wonderful WeightLoss: Joshua Ashworth

Wonderful WeightLoss: Joshua Ashworth

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Joshua Ashworth. Here’s his story:

Since leaving high school and forgoing the sporting activities he was used to, Joshua struggled with keeping weight off permanently. “At the age of 21, I had lost 50kg from hard work at the gym, but over the years the weight came back on slowly,” Joshua said. “I looked up permanent fixes and that is what brought me to WeightLoss Solutions Australia for the package they offer,” he said.

After making the decision to reach out to WeightLoss Solutions Australia, Joshua’s home life has changed for good.

“The first 50kg weight-loss has been an amazing journey for myself, being able to go on all the theme park rides with the kids has been a first,” Joshua said. “Just recently, I achieved a bucket list item, being able to go in a drift Ute at Movie World and it was so worth it,” he said. “I will be skydiving once I get under 100kg.”

“My family life has changed dramatically from every angle,” Joshua said. “Being able to keep up with the kids on a daily basis is huge,” he said. “My relationship has never been better with my wife, the new changes everywhere in my life are so worth everything I have done.”

In Joshua’s daily routine, he has made the switch from driving around his workplace to making changes to support his fitness. “My daily activities at work were always driving around the site unlocking buildings, whereas now I am walking,” Joshua said. “I walk the site multiple times before work to achieve my daily target of 30 minutes of walking and 4km distance as a minimum,” he said.

Acknowledging his wife and CEO Felicity Cohen’s wonderful support team at WeightLoss Solutions Australia, Joshua is setting new goals. “I am competing in my first 10km marathon this year walking it but next year I will be running the 10km,” Joshua said. “I would never have entered this event without the surgery,” he said. “We will be competing in the colour run as a family this year, once again another event I would never be able to achieve without this surgery.”

Joshua Ashworth – Weightloss Warrior

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