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Wonderful WeightLoss: Claudia Gorincu

Wonderful WeightLoss: Claudia Gorincu

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Claudia Gorincu. Here’s her story:

What a difference 4 months has made, from April this year at my daughter’s formal to a recent night out. My sister had the surgery the same day as me with WLSA and I am so glad that I have someone to share my journey with. I cannot thank WLSA enough for allowing me to finally be able to live my life after being turned away by 2 other surgeons.

My life has changed, from constantly being tired due to sleep apnea and waking up from my own snoring, always being in pain from a bad back and arthritis. I had days where I was taking up to 10 or more painkillers just to be able to last the day at work. I had low self-esteem and I just completely hated myself. Now, I don’t snore anymore, I have so much energy, and 0 back and hip pain. I am more than grateful for my new lease on life, thanks to WeightLoss Solutions Australia.

I am 6kg away from my goal weight of 60kg. I absolutely love my size 12 dresses now, the boobs just don’t want to fit in a size 10!

A big thank you from me and my family.

Claudia Gorincu – #WeightLossWarrior

From WLSA:

Well done on your amazing transformation Claudia! You look absolutely radiant! It is amazing to see how much your health has benefited from your weight loss after only four months! We look forward to following the rest of your journey!

Stephnie Van Diemen, Medical Receptionist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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