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Do The Burpee To Keep You Happy & Healthy

How many of you have tried doing a Burpee before? This is a very popular exercise routine that incorporates body movements, especially around the thigh and shoulder areas! It is practised by both adults and children – because it’s fun! How to do it? Follow the...

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Wonderful Weight Loss Wednesday: Jo Moreton

WWW – Wonderful Weight Loss Wednesday Meet Jo Moreton, she has lost 35 kgs during her 9-month post surgery. The 3 photos on the left were taken back in 2012, before surgery. Her transformation is phenomenal! She now feels more confident and amazing. * You can achieve permanent...

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Wonderful Weight Loss Wednesday: Carol Davies

WWW – Wonderful WeightLoss Wednesday Here is a before & after photo of Carol who underwent sleeve surgery in May 2014. She has lost 38 kgs, & is still going. Her food choices have improved. She attends all of her appointments, comes to the cooking demonstrations...

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Wonderful Weight Loss Wednesday: Karen Falls

WWW – Wonderful Weight Loss Wednesday   Meet our patient, Karen Falls, her transformation is phenomenal! She said: “10 months post sleeve, 25 kgs down in weight, used to be a size 20 or 22 and is now a size 14. This has given me so...


A Life-Changing Experience: Why I like to Run

My very first year in business on the Gold Coast was in 2000; start of the new millennium, and in that year, in a very new business and quite under resourced, the hours were gruelingly long. Yes, I was 15 years younger, but I had very...


Ditch Diabetes for Good

Strap yourself in, this is going to cause a stir! I just have to tell you about this really great patient of mine, Richard. Keep reading to learn how you can lose weight, get great results and get your life back just like Richard. You see,...

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[iframe id=”″] Watch this video to hear from Janine about her successful weight loss experience with Weightloss Solutions Australia * [dt_sc_button type=”without-icon” link=”/contact_us/” size=”medium” bgcolor=”#c8b579″ textcolor=”#ffffff” target=”_self”]Start Your Successful WLSA Journey Now![/dt_sc_button]   *Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person.

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Supermarket Tour by Dietitian Bonnie Handcock

Do you want to make smarter and healthier food choices but feel slightly overwhelmed at the endless options available from the supermarket? A supermarket tour may be just what you need! Grocery shopping is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the never-ending array of...