Weight Loss: Priscilla Farry

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight loss of Priscilla Farry

Here’s her story:

I guess my whole life I was always the “fat but funny girl” it became my norm to just be bigger than everybody else.


I was always quite active and my friends always made comments that I always leave food on my plate. It wasn’t until I moved out of the home and moved in with my friends that I really noticed where my addiction was.


I was a night time snacker. I would wake up in the middle of the night and have a delish junk food feast and wake up and not even realise ( until my friends told me and I started to notice the evidence).


I assume this contributed to a lot of my weight gain over the years and the fun partying stage of being 18. Over the years I joined multiple gyms and would push and push myself and I would lose 2-3kg and reward myself with food!


It was a continuous cycle. I then met my partner and fell pregnant in 2015 where we had a beautiful girl Olivia, and I obviously needed to be the best mum I could be for my daughter!


So I attempted again for the last time another weight loss binge. The cycle began again, I joined a gym went during the day, during the night, hired a PT, did everything right only this time I found addiction in V and soft drink.


This spiralled out of control; whether it was a newborn baby from sleep deprivation or something else but I had created another bad habit and cycle.


In January 2018 I had a great idea to meet my best friend and go for a walk around Burleigh hill. We had the best time, we finished the walk and was literally 10 metres away from the car when something happened and I rolled my ankle and fell over. The pain I experienced was awful, I was so embarrassed! How did I manage to fall over at the end of my walk? Recovery was horrible. Imagine a 133kg person only being able to use 1 leg and on crutches. It wasn’t pretty. It took about 4 months for it to feel “normal” again. During these months I was thinking omg this is it. I’m always going to stay big or get bigger.


So I went to the doctors praying there was a medical reason I was gaining so much weight and not being able to lose it. NOPE.


Blood pressure was great, cholesterol perfect, diabetes not detected. I was perfectly healthy. It was my mind that was not. So I started to look into the medical intervention of the gastric sleeve. I watched 100’s of videos online of the surgery and people’s experiences just to see if I was brave enough to do this.


I finally worked up the courage to contact WLSA and make my appointment and in true Priscilla fashion I leave everything to the last minute, I signed my paperwork on a Tuesday, uploaded on the Thursday and Friday morning I was on a plane to Europe!! Where the plan was to indulge in all things Italian as my last hurrah with my best friend. But, that plan failed when I had to ask for a seat belt extender because I was too fat to sit on a chair.


It was literally that light bulb moment for me where I went. OK WOW, I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE. The whole trip my eyes finally opened and the reality came crashing down.


I was actually 133kg and need to seek medical intervention at the age of 27.


I am so thankful for everything that led to that moment, as in the last 9 months I have had the best time with my family, I drop my daughter off at kindy and I can jump on the tandem bike with her and pedal around, we can go down the slides at the park together, hang out at the beach in a bikini if I wanted to.


My relationship with my partner has blossomed because I actually want to be social now. I am no longer depressed. I recently got engaged. So much is going on in my life that I have this process to thank for.


It is hard work. And I didn’t lose my weight quickly; I struggle to keep it off still and my mental health is still a struggle. I have no regrets but I wish I was brave enough to ask for help earlier and not be ashamed !!!

From the CEO of WLSA:

Priscilla, thank you for so openly sharing your story. I remember the excitement you shared before leaving on your overseas trip. I can only imagine the uncomfortable humiliating feelings of wearing that extension seat belt and what a light bulb moment for you that must have been. I have seen this so often in our patients and know how liberating that must feel now; no more extension seat belts for life! I love that your relationships have “blossomed’ and that you are so committed to your physical fitness as well. Your commitment to achieving better health and a better life is truly inspiring and I hope that others in their 20s’ will learn that this is a pathway to better health. You don’t need to wait until you are 40!

I’m so happy for you Priscilla. Incredible changes at just 9 months post op and the best is yet to come.

Felicity Cohen, CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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