Weight Loss: Adam Bilsy

Transformation Update May 1st, 2019:

“Thanks to WLSA for my surgery and life-changing experience.

I’m now super proud to show my new lifestyle, I’m no longer hiding behind just my voice as a radio presenter, I’m actually so confident to show my real image on national TV!

I’m a contestant on LEGO Masters, building crazy ideas and having fun. Without the new me, there’s no way I would be able to last 15 hours of full-on filming on set and still be proud of what I have achieved.”
Adam Bilsy, Gold Coast.

Transformation Update June 4th, 2018 

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Adam Bilsy.

Here’s his story:

I’m now coming up to a year in my WLS journey and have passed 50kg of weight loss. I feel amazing I look at myself in the mirror and my confidence is through the roof. I have the drive to train every day and I have also taken on fight training.

Some people will think that 50kg this far into it isn’t enough and why I haven’t lost so much. My weight loss plateaued and I didn’t lose any weight for a good 6 weeks, and this was because I was naive about it all.

One thing I have now learnt and will use for the rest of my life is that I know how to eat right. Not only eating right but eating at the correct times and changing my lifestyle to suit this healthy way.

This has become second nature to me now and wants to show others how to do it. On top of my own training is now also a personal trainer and focusing on obese and WLS client.

Transformation Update October, 2018

I am now at 4 months post op and feeling great! I have lost a total of 40kg and it has changed my life and mindset more than I could ever imagine.

Now, I automatically focus on good healthy habits and mindful eating as if its second nature. You always know that you are going to lose weight and you hope life will get better.

But the difference in my weight and my whole life, in general, is amazing. I am at a solid point now where I am getting excited to see what the future holds.

I have become passionate about this and I want to start helping people who want to follow my journey, hence I have recently become a qualified Personal Trainer and accepted to be the guest speaker at the next WLSA Reclaim Your Life event.

Transformation Update Sept 2nd, 2018

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Adam Bilsy.

Here’s his story:

I’ve always been a bigger guy and two years ago I decided to try and do something about it. So I turned to clean eating and very high-intensity exercise. My eating was so on track I weighed and timed everything I counted my macros and was having many supplements every day. But it was working and in fact, I held it for over 12 months and lost 50kgs and was on top of the world. At this time I have done some travelling and came home to realise I gained a little bit of weight and lost momentum. Went back to normal living prior to WeightLoss.

2 years later I have gained back that 50kgs and added another 10 and was sitting back at a very unhappy 180kg. This was when I realised I knew I could lose weight but could never sustain it. After knowing a few people that had weight loss surgery via WLSA my mind was made up. So I spoke to the guys at WLSA and realised I not only needed it but wanted it.

I’m now 4 weeks post op, including the 3 weeks on the VLCD diet I have lost 28kgs. I feel great about it and I feel so much better already in my day to day activities. I get excited now about what could be ahead and losing that original first 50kg and more. I know the surgery will now also help me not regain the weight and I think that is the most exciting thought that floats around in my head. Knowing that now when I lose weight it’s not going to come back.

My youtube page with all my vlogs and weight loss videos is Click Here

From the CEO of WLSA

Adam has an infectious positive energy about him that makes us all so excited to be working with him on his weight loss journey. His determination to achieve with improving his health and setting himself up for a fabulous future will ensure the results he is looking for. His story definitely echoes many others I am familiar with in the sense that our patients are some of the most successful dieters you will ever meet. The problem is sustaining the results. Yo-yo dieting is in the end so unhealthy. Establishing good healthy habits for life is what we hope to achieve for all patients post-surgery. Adam is great at being personally accountable and he is willing to commit to working with the team. Attitude is definitely a major contributor to success. Positive, optimistic, happy and always with a huge smile on his face, Adam’s ongoing results are going to be exciting to watch.

Thank you for joining team WLSA “Bilsy”, we all love having you as part of the WLSA family.

Felicity Cohen, CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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