Wonderful Weightloss Andrew Morello

8th March 2017 – CEO Felicity Cohen’s update on Andrew Morello’s gastric sleeve journey, at 9 months post op:

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Andrew Morello. Here’s  his story:


I first met Andrew Morello when he was 28 years of age. He impressed me with his gregarious, charismatic and larger than life personality. But, he was clearly morbidly obese and I was very concerned for his health. Andrew travels nonstop and not only were economy class seats unbearable there are other health risks flying with so much excess weight every day. I knew that his vision for a family was important to him and questioned the quality of life that he would have if we did nothing at all. At 30 years of age, Andrew underwent the sleeve gastrectomy procedure and has not looked back. Life has taken a gigantic step forward and at 9 months post surgery he has lost 57 kilos already.

Not only has he said goodbye to the seatbelt extensions for good, he is genuinely “living the dream”. Fitter and healthier than ever before, he has so much energy to invest in his work and daily life, and in the relationships that matter most to him.

This year he is planning to take on the grueling Kokoda track amongst all the many other varied achievements that make up who Andrew Morello is. He contributes to charity in a very hands on role and significantly influences many sectors of the community.

Now, he can look forward to achieving a long life filled with good health and risk-free of the many diseases associated with excess weight; and an active life where his weight will never impose restrictions.

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Previous post from 14th September 2016 from CEO Felicity Cohen on the start of Andrew Morello’s WLSA journey

I am very excited to have the opportunity to introduce Andrew Morello as one of our newest “sleeved” patients at WLSA. I met Andrew when he was 28 years of age. He was starring in his role as facilitator for a workshop for entrepreneurs at The Entourage in Sydney; an organization where Andrew is heavily involved in educating, inspiring and motivating entrepreneurs from all over the country.


He asked me to stand on a chair in front of a room full of strangers and talk about my business and why I was there; not an easy task in itself and quite intimidating. I felt more self conscious than ever as the man holding the microphone was to me a seriously overweight person who needed to address his own health. I will never forget that moment. Andrew is an enigmatic, charismatic, larger than life personality. You cannot help but be totally captivated by his personality.


At 28 years of age here he was; already incredibly successful in more than one professional arena; Real Estate, Business Education, multiple charitable organizations; an exceptional auctioneer just to name a few. This was the first time in over 16 years involvement with Bariatric Surgery that I felt an obligation to approach someone to discuss their own health and well being and perhaps suggest that they need weight loss surgery. This is mostly socially unacceptable and taboo to discuss with a friend let alone a stranger. I was genuinely concerned for him with his hectic lifestyle; he travels almost daily and he was a ticking time bomb. The talk he was giving also needed to become the talk he was walking. I just could not understand how he maintained such energy at his size (other than having youth on his side). He knew from the moment we sat down to have a chat what the purpose of my discussion was going to be. Fast track two years…he is now 30 years of age and has finally undergone the sleeve gastrectomy.


I am grateful that he has now made a start towards creating a healthier future and to be able to realize all of his own life goals and dreams. Andrew lives big…now he can live bigger, achieve more and have the knowledge that a healthy future is his for the taking. At just 4 ½ weeks post surgery the changes are not just evident they are in my mind already extraordinary. Mindset plays a big part in this story. Like anything that is life changing; you have to want it and you have to commit to working for it.


He never misses a weekly call to the dietitian. Big tick from me! This is critical to success; following the rules and learning new behaviors and choosing to connect with the team often make a huge difference to long-term results. The three biggest changes to date for Andrew are: 1: Travelling in an economy class seat without the extension seat belt! Big win. This is a huge milestone for anyone who has been through this as an overweight person. Not only are you uncomfortable; it is simply embarrassing and humiliating for many people to deal with this. As someone who travels more frequently than most airline pilots this is awesome! 2: Getting back into old clothes, taking suits in and buying a new belt! Who says that guys don’t want to look good, feel great and wear great fashion! A stylish and good looking man he will look amazing in his new clothes! By the way, we wears his belt just a bit too tight as a constant reminder to himself. 3: his energy levels are now through the roof. How is that possible? Even as an overweight person he had an enormous amount of energy; he is now overflowing with new found energy.


These changes are just in 4 ½ weeks post surgery! Many people struggle a lifetime with weight and all the problems, inconveniences and health issues associated. Imagine seeing these changes start to unfold at just 4 ½ weeks post surgery! He chooses now to go the gym at 3am! Walking, swimming and exercising already appear on his daily schedule.


This will also assist in weight loss; better health and well being and probably improve productivity across the day. I can’t wait to share Andrew’s on-going results and his story with those who choose to be inspired by a wonderful person. What a fabulous beginning!

Together We’ll End Obesity Forever,

Felicity Cohen
CEO of WLSA.com.au

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