Wonderful WeightLoss: Melker Blomstrom

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Melker Blomstrom. Here’s his story:

I was surprised to be asked to share my 4-month journey with you all. However, as many of us know this hasn’t been a journey of months but years.

Hi, my name is Melker, a 42-year-old guy who has finally found some success through my partnership with weight loss solutions.

I call it a partnership as once the journey began they have been equally involved in my success and my troubles along the way.

I was very active in sports and martial arts at a state and international level from the age of 8 until 22. I was at 22 I had sudden weight gain and up to this day I can not understand why.

Like many of us, I began the process of losing weight with a variety of diets and activity.  Each time I tried, I lost a kilo and put on 3kg.  Despite having a good diet and maintaining an active lifestyle I continued to gain weight until I reached 110kg. Despite the weight, I joined the NSW Police and had a wonderful career for 12 years where my weight maintained around the 115 kg.  I was however sad and looked down on myself for not being able to lose weight like so many people did around me.  I ate low calorie, didn’t drink alcohol and had low carb and sugar. That should be enough right?

Frustrated I attended the Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals obesity clinic undertaking a 16-week program which involved endocrinology, dietician and exercise physiologists.  I wore sensors that monitored activity and basal metabolic function and maintained a dietary log.  The outcome of all this testing and programs essentially indicated that I had an overactive famine response.

So years pass and my weight slowly increased and despite multiple attempts eventually hit 140kg.  In desperation, I approached WLSA for guidance as I had seen the amazing results my beautiful sister has been achieving her journey.

I doubted that this could work as I had effectively been on a low-calorie diet 800-1200 calories for years. I just could not see how removing part of my stomach would be different?  Right?  Wrong!  Immediately I started losing weight steadily.  It has been simple to maintain and have been enjoying the changes.  However, I have had my ups and downs with reflux and nausea at times but never anything that has made me regret my procedure.

I am now 4 months post op and 30 kg down.  I just had my first wardrobe crisis last weekend for my mothers birthday where I went to wear my jeans. Too big.  Oh well, my suit will fit. Nope. Slipped off my hips.  My dress pants surely they would fit as they had been too tight to wear for years. no, go.  I have now purchased a new pair of pants which were a size 44.  I was a size 52-54.  Crazy.

I’m only just beginning but it’s this procedure and the support of WLSA and my family which have started made finally onto the path of success.

Melker Blomstrom – Weightloss Warrior


Melker, we at WLSA are completely impressed with your commitment to embracing all the changes needed for you to reach your goals and live your authentic life without all the barriers that excess weight can impose. Big congratulations to you champion, you are clearly smashing your goals and
doing brilliantly.

Leslie Hartley, Psychologist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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